My Vegan Box, what is it?

Our box is the best way to enjoy a nice moment with 100% vegan products while supporting the animal cause. 💚🥰

Each month, you will discover new vegan products to taste, to take care of yourself, or accessories for your lifestyle. 😋

💌 Order My Vegan Box:

  • 5 to 8 products per box and a monthly magazine made in My Vegan Box
  • From CHF 53.-
  • Free shipping all over Switzerland

What will I find inside the box?

Products to taste

chocolate spread

A A5 Magazine in English exclusively for members

V mag mockup

Products to take care of yourself



coconut bowl

Good deals, tips & vegan news
The behind the scenes of My Vegan Box,
The story of the vegan brands of the month,
And more...

How does it work?

1. I subscribe

I subscribe ordering my first box.
I can cancel anytime,
without any fee. 🤗

2. I wait (im)patiently for the postman 📭​

My box arrives between the 15th and the 20th of each month, directly home. Zero shipping fee.

3. I enjoy my box 😍

It's finally here! I discover the selection of the month and the V Mag, with all the good deals and news of the month.

4. I share my feedback

I share my unboxing on Instagram to participate in the monthly giveaway. To win: an extra product in your following box! 🥰

Our engagements

What are the values of My Vegan Box

The best of the vegan finds

We take the time to select  the products that you will find in your box. We choose the most delicious products, those that are made with love, the ones that have a story to tell.

We’re humans before being business owners

Human is at the center of the creation of your boxes. For us, it is important to get to know the producers with whom we work. Behind these products are people who have put a lot of heart into making them. These are the stories we want to highlight with My Vegan Box. Every month, find an article in V Magazine on each of the brands of your box.

An environmental commitment

Environmental consideration is at the heart of the design of each of your boxes:

  • We have chosen recycled & recyclable packaging.
  • We reuse as many packaging materials as possible from our suppliers to protect your products during transport.
  • We are sensitive to producers who work with the same values and apply them in the creation of their products.

2% for the animals

We told you above that people are an integral part of our values, but the most essential thing for us is to give back to those for whom we have chosen to lead a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle: animals.

We donate 2% of all of your orders to an animal protection association in Switzerland. We are currently supporting the La Bouche qui Rit shelter in Valais. Each month, you will find in My Vegan Box the news of the shelter and the direct impact of your donations on its little inhabitants.

Local first, we enhance products from small and medium producers

We offer you Swiss or European products. Local products are prioritized in My Vegan Box. Above all, we want to support the work of small to medium producers by offering them visibility through the box.

You are a producer of vegan products and would you like to see your product highlighted in My Vegan Box? Contact us, we look forward to meeting you.

Thank you for being part of this adventure with us 💚

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The swissveg card is the Swissveg membership card, which gives you access to the Veginfo magazine and discounts in many stores. With the swissveg card, you benefit from a 15% discount on all renewals of your subscription to My Vegan Box!

Do you have any questions?

You will receive your box between the 15th and 20th of each month.

When you order, you receive your box the next month. For example, if you ordered your first box on January 3, your first box will be that of February.

We only deliver to Switzerland for the moment. Do you really want to receive My Vegan Box abroad? Contact us, we will find a solution together.

Sure! Go to the Offrir page and follow the steps 🎁

  1. Choose your gift: 1 month, 3 months or 6 months of My Vegan Box
  2. Fill in the delivery information with the address of the person you are giving My Vegan Box to & add a note in the order details if you want us to add a card in the box 💌
  3. Download your gift card for free and print it to gift it before the delivery of the box

You have not found the answer to your question ? Consult our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or Contact us

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