The story of the shelter 🐷🐶🐰

The shelter La Bouche qui Rit is located in Saxon in Valais.

Wendy, the owner of the shelter, initiated this great adventure with her family in 2014. On site, Wendy, her family and about thirty volunteers take part in the reception of mistreated animals or animals destined for butchery.

“La Bouche qui Rit”, a play on words that the shelter carries well: a space where animals and humans feel at peace, in harmony, happy.

To restore confidence in man, to prove to them that we can love them and support them in their development or in their reconstruction, such is Wendy’s objective through the refuge.

Brownie and Cookie, first inhabitants welcomed at La Bouche qui Rit, opened the way to more than 1000 animals which to date have been welcomed and saved at the shelter.

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2% for animals 💚

With the creation of My Vegan Box, giving back to animals was something obvious.

We were looking for an animal protection association to donate part of what we were going to earn, and then one day we discovered the animal shelter la Bouche qui Rit.

By subscribing or offering My Vegan Box, you participate directly in the well-being of the animals in the shelter. How? Part of your purchase is dedicated to them 😊

2% of profits or 2% of total sales?

Profit is the amount left over after expenses related to the business.

The total of the sales represents all the money earned, without deduction of all expenses.

We have decided to donate 2% of all the sales of My Vegan Box.

Our goal: To become, thanks to your participation, the main sponsor of the refuge.

Will we get there? Together we can do anything, don’t you think? 😉

Thank you for participating by our side in the happiness of these little beings full of love 🥰🥰

Some pictures of the shelter

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