Jungle Culture – Bamboo Cutlery Set

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Jungle Culture’s handmade reusable cutlery sets are long-lasting, organic and sustainably sourced! Your eco friendly handmade bamboo utensils are completely chemical-free and organic, and each reusable cutlery set with pouch piece is hand carved by skilled artisans who take incredible pride in their craft. The products are dispatched zero waste, include no unnecessary packaging and are completely plastic-free.

The upcycled dark eco wooden cutlery sets are made using reclaimed wood, purchased from a furniture manufacturer in Southern Vietnam. Each lightweight and portable travel cutlery set comes complete with an organic cotton pouch, bamboo knife, bamboo fork, bamboo spoon, bamboo straw and coconut cleaner.

Wooden utensils are perfect for using on-the-go at picnics, lunch or camping. Bring your own personal travel cutlery and ditch disposables today! All of our reusable cutlery sets are produced in the Thanh Hoá region of Northern Vietnam at small farms and workshops!


Brand: Jungle Culture

Country of the brand: United Kingdom


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